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  • Neomark

    Neomark makes easier managing your projects and your intellectual property rights. By the skills of its experts, and thanks to its tools specifically developed for specific needs, Neomark improves your efficiency and increase the ROI of your projects.

  • Intellectual property rights management

    Intellectual property rights require special management, and continued attention to deadlines, renewals, documents and costs. Neomark assists in the management and monitoring of patents, trademarks, registered designs and domain names, in cooperation with patent attorneys or its own experts.


We can assist you to create new names, new logos, packaging or visual identity element or company you want to use.

Our philosophy involves a comprehensive management of your concept, adapted to your needs and foremost a meeting deadlines and constraints of each project.

Through our work in common with industrial property, we can verify the existence of prior rights before the adoption of a new name and a new logo.


Creating name - brand


A new product, a new service or just your new company?

Neomark consultants and experts are available to create the name that you will support the development of this new project.

You want to change your name?

We can offer a new name that reflects the history of the name to replace and the project linked to it: it is indeed essential to be either in line or in a strategy of breaking with the past , depending on the circumstances. Our consultants and experts will assist you in your thinking.

Our methodology is based on the different steps:

  • definition of objectives, constraints and wishes
  • creative research
  • Legal validation (research in brands databases)
  • presentation of results
  • eventually resumed of creative research cycle and legal validation


Logo Design


Do you want a new design? You start a new product or service, and you need a strong visual impact, that supports your project?

Neomark experts and consultants are available to create logos that are tailored to your needs.

Our methodology is based on the following steps-type:

  • definition of objectives and constraints
  • wishes definition
  • defining the framework of Use
  • creative phase
  • if desired, legal research and validation
  • presentation of results
  • possibly resume of the creative phase

All our creations include global assignment of copyright. You are then free to use the logo chosen without constraints or right of inspection by Neomark!


Creating packaging


The packaging is often the element what will sell a product: to differentiate itself from its competitors, nothing beats an attractive design, outstanding and efficient!

Our teams can help you define the objectives of the packaging, depending on the competitive situation in your market, and on this basis can offer you various projects of packaging or packaging that meet your needs.