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  • Neomark

    Neomark makes easier managing your projects and your intellectual property rights. By the skills of its experts, and thanks to its tools specifically developed for specific needs, Neomark improves your efficiency and increase the ROI of your projects.

  • Intellectual property rights management

    Intellectual property rights require special management, and continued attention to deadlines, renewals, documents and costs. Neomark assists in the management and monitoring of patents, trademarks, registered designs and domain names, in cooperation with patent attorneys or its own experts.


Neomark develops and assists companies to develop software tailored to their needs.

Our areas of focus include, in particular intellectual and industrial property, project management, monitoring budgets and costs, as well as optimization of the billing stream.


Project management


Neomark developed a project management tool, www.ip4manager.com, allowing at the same time to concentrate all the information for a project, and to carry out effective budget monitoring.

More timeouts over budgets overwhelmed with this tool!


Purchase and sale of brands (under construction)


Neomark operates a website for the purchase and sale of brands www.trademarkmarketplace.com.

Based on the fact that the old marks could have utility, particularly since such brands have a story, i can re-use ballast to re-develop a new activity or raise the same activity, our experts and consultants developed a platform for brand owners and not using most of them for sale.


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