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  • Neomark

    Neomark makes easier managing your projects and your intellectual property rights. By the skills of its experts, and thanks to its tools specifically developed for specific needs, Neomark improves your efficiency and increase the ROI of your projects.

  • Intellectual property rights management

    Intellectual property rights require special management, and continued attention to deadlines, renewals, documents and costs. Neomark assists in the management and monitoring of patents, trademarks, registered designs and domain names, in cooperation with patent attorneys or its own experts.


Neomark specializes in supporting businesses by providing specific tips for better management of their projects, including the launch of new products and services.

You will find in the following pages for further explanation on the various advisory services that we offer.


Definition of Projects


It is crucial that a project is clearly defined in order to carry it out.

Our consultants have experience and skills to help you clearly define your project, but also its consequences and impacts on other projects and activities of your structure.


Project support


Project management is always a challenge ...

It is essential to be able to be matched to one or more steps or even for the entire course of the project.

Neomark proposes to support you in your project, so that it runs optimally, and thus achieve the objectives.


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